What to do after buying a house

The path to owning a home is long. It may have taken months or years to prepare for a down payment for your dream home. It may have taken quite a few viewings to nail down the one you wanted to put an offer on – but you are here! You have had your offer accepted and you have settled on a closing date. Slowly, but surely, you will move into your dream home.

There is still plenty to do before you step across the threshold as a homeowner. This big question is: where do you begin? Here is a handy guide regarding what to do after buying a house:

Find A Good Real Estate Lawyer

Having a good real estate lawyer is crucial to the home purchasing process. They will ensure in your purchase agreement that you are getting everything you bargained for. If you do not currently have a lawyer, your realtor will have strong referrals. Alternatively, you can use recommendations from friends and family. It is always best to meet first with your prospective lawyer to see if you two are a good match for one another. Do not be afraid to shop around!

Title Insurance

Another thing to consider regarding what to do after buying a house is title insurance. Thankfully, your real estate lawyer will help you with this. Title insurance protects you from issues that could threaten your ownership. A title search is helpful, but it may not be able to find liens or other debts attached to the property – title insurance will cover you here. Title insurance is a one-time fee that varies from province to province. Expect to pay anywhere from $225 up to $1, 200 for title insurance.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Speak with a financial advisor first to see if mortgage protection insurance is right for you. This is a combination of term life insurance and critical illness insurance that may be more flexible for you than mortgage insurance. Mortgage protection insurance can help you and your family to cover mortgage payments if something happens to you.

Home Inspection

If a home inspection was not performed as a condition to your offer, now is the perfect time to do one. A home inspector will check vital parts of the home such as the furnace and foundation, as well as bring in experts to conduct inspections they cannot do adequately themselves if the situation warrants it. While an inspection can set you back around $400, it is money well spent. They will be able to tell you the health of your downspouts and drainage and if your dream home needs a lot more work than you thought it would.

Book A Mover

An important decision you will need to arrive to is whether you want professionals helping you on the big day, or whether you would prefer to rent a truck and get family and friends to help you move. If you are moving on a popular date (the first of the month) make sure you book in advance!

What to do after buying a house? Celebrate! This is an opportunity to rejoice after all the hard work and time you have invested.

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