Whether you are downsizing your home for retirement or relishing your newly found freedom as an empty nester, I will help you embrace a lifestyle where less is more. It may seem overwhelming at first, but I have helped many of my clients through the home downsizing process. It is important to remember that downsizing is not downgrading. It is, instead, about simplifying and facilitating a lifestyle. Your decision to downsize will be based on many different factors – speak with a REALTOR®, financial advisor and your family to decide when the best time is for you.


How to Downsize Successfully?

To ease the stress of your downsizing and decluttering experience, you may want to make use of my expertise and follow the basic steps I have outlined below.

Strategize Your Approach

The idea of going through everything might be feel overwhelming, but it does not have to be a daunting task! Aim to keep one-third to one-half of your belongings and dedicate 2-3 hours each day to your downsizing efforts.

Design Your Layout

Secure your new home’s floor plan and sketch a blueprint of where your furniture will be placed. Note where doors and windows are located and measure larger items to ensure they will fit.

Detach Yourself

Beginning with sentimental items may be difficult, so start downsizing your home for retirement with items that do not carry personal attachment, such as kitchen utensils and appliances. Also, start in a room that is used the least so you can create space to store your boxes as you start packing them.

Classify Your Possessions

Sort your belongings into defined categories in order to organize and facilitate your process. These may include: Keep, Gift, Sell, Donate, Trash, and Storage.

Donation Options

Charities, shelters, and schools are great places to give away items that you will not be able to sell. Be sure to get a receipt for a tax deduction wherever possible.

Selling Valuables

By downsizing you increase your retirement/ travel funds, get rid of unneeded space and free yourself of excessive time and energy used on your home. Contact antique dealers, appraisers, and auction houses for items that will not be making the move with you. If you would like contact information for established and reputable businesses in Toronto, I have created a list of my recommendations.

Digitize Photos and Movies

Making electronic copies of treasured pictures and home videos will not only reduce space but will enable you to give sets to your children and family members. In addition, they will be backed up in case anything should happen to the originals.

Paperwork and Documents

Shred or digitize out of date documents.

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