Virtual Open Houses


Did you know that virtual open houses began before COVID? Many people today see virtual open houses as a great alternative to in-person open houses given social distancing. I want to discuss today with you the benefits of virtual open houses and why they should not be seen as an either/or option when it comes to in-person open houses.

See More While Saving Time

One of the top benefits of virtual open houses is that it provides the home buyer the opportunity to view a property with much more precision than still images. Using drone footage helps a potential home buyer see many angles of a home so they can really appreciate exterior features such as pools, ponds and ravine-backing yards. Also, with a click of a button, one virtual open house – via livestreaming tours, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram Live can reach far more buyers. It also ensures that the seller does not need to have their home show-ready at all times or leave in the afternoons, as potential homebuyers can repeatedly view the virtual open house video instead of repeating in-person tours.

With virtual open houses, you do not have to worry about wasting time with someone who is unsure from the photos of your home and simply wants to investigate a bit more. Now, when someone asks to see the home in person after seeing a virtual open house you know they are serious!

Attract A Wider Demographic

With traditional open houses, you will usually get people from the neighbourhood who are browsing, and people who are keen on your property. With a virtual open house, you can attract potential clients that far exceed these geographic boundaries. Out-of-town buyers who are looking to move into your area (including international buyers!) now can save themselves a long drive or even a flight while home hunting.

Brand Recognition

Have you noticed that you are familiar with a few real estate names? That is because they run a strong marketing campaign which ensures their success. If you work with a real estate agent who is at the forefront of technology and uses it wisely to market your home, chances are your home will be seen first by buying agents and potential homebuyers alike.

Virtual Is The Safer Option

With a virtual open house, the sellers will be able to live more or less as usual in their home with interruptions only for individual appointments. By making the home completely accessible online, there are no worries about impingements on privacy, safety or the fear of stolen items.

As you can see there are many benefits of virtual open houses. My absolute favourite is that your home is always seen at its best, no matter what time of day or night it is. If you would like to learn more about virtual open houses and how they can be used to highlight the best parts of your home, please feel free to reach out to me here. I would love to show you what technology can do to market your home.