You may love your home just the way it is, but when it comes time to sell – there are a few things that potential home buyers might not appreciate as much as you do. When a buyer looks at their next potential home, they want to be able to picture themselves in the space. Here are 7 things that may distract a potential buyer from seeing your home as if it were theirs:

1. Bright Colours: Whether it is a brightly painted wall, carpet, or wallpaper – bright colours or loud patterns can easily overwhelm potential buyers. Although these are easy cosmetic fixes, it can be hard for some people to imagine the space any other way. Neutral colours allow buyers to envision their own style within the space.

2. Dim Lighting: A bright home is more attractive than a poorly-lit home. Ensure all burnt out light bulbs are replaced and install additional light fixtures where you can. In addition, remove heavy curtains and drapes to allow natural light to stream into the house. It is also helpful to trim trees or bushes that shadow your home.

3. Carpet Over Hardwood Floors: Carpets keep your feet warm, but they may be covering one of your home’s best features! If you know that there are hardwood floors under the broadloom, it may be time to let your floors shine. Hardwood is timeless, forever in fashion and in high demand.

4. Repurposing Rooms: While it may have fit your family’s lifestyle to use the third bedroom as a home office, or the garage as a second family room, it might not fit the lifestyle of your home’s new family. Repurpose your converted rooms into what they were originally intended so the potential homebuyers can do all the creative thinking.

5. Pets and Their Accessories: There are people who love pets, and others who do not. To prevent turning away potential home buyers with pet allergies or phobias, make sure your pet(s) and their accessories are out of the house and hidden away. Remember to remove fur that has shed, and eliminate odours that may remain in the home. Also make sure your furry loved ones are never around for a showing!

6. Odours: Unless you have cookies baking in the oven, most odours will turn off a potential home buyer. Strong scents of food or spices linger long after the meal. Try to cook or eat outside if you can during the period that your home is for sale. If you smoke, avoid smoking indoors at all costs! It is very difficult to remove the smell of smoke and generally turns off most home buyers.

7. Clutter: Dirty dishes, overcrowded countertops, knick-knacks – none of these things appeal to a potential buyer. Home buyers will recognize you lead normal lives, just as they do, but seeing toys and baby equipment or piles of laundry overtaking the residence, will detract them from seeing your home’s true potential.

There are plenty of simple ways to make your home more appealing. If you are looking to sell, and would like some advice, feel free to call me at 416.921.1112, I would be happy to help!