Hosting An Open House


Everyone dreams that the minute they list their house on the market it will be instantly inundated with offers. For a very select and lucky few, this is the case. For others, the magic comes courtesy of an open house. Here are just a few benefits of hosting an open house:

Speed Viewing For The Buyer

An open house provides a unique opportunity to prospective buyers. It allows them to compare and contrast properties available on the market all in one day without requiring their agent to book each individual appointment. This allows the prospective buyer to see the properties on their own time, rather than having to coordinate with a real estate agent. Shopping around can give prospective buyers a good sense of what their budget allows, as well as the ability to see how well-marketed each home is.

Strength In Numbers For The Seller

When a prospective buyer is working with a real estate agent to find a property, they will be able to take the buyer to a few properties in one day. The buyer will usually be the only person viewing the home to ensure a personal experience. While this is great, it means the seller has to be out of the house often in order to meet each showing request. With an open house, the seller can be gone for a two-hour window and have dozens of people view their home, rather than just one or two.

Reality Check

Every written description of a listing is meant to beautifully entice a buyer. However, what appears in writing may not always look the same way to a prospective buyer’s eyes. Attending an open house allows them to view a property with or without having read about it before. They will get their own real understanding of what is for sale, rather than basing whether they want to view it on a written description.

Instant Second Opinion

Often when booking an appointment to see a home, a prospective buyer will go with the person they are purchasing the property with or they will simply attend the showing by themselves. One of the benefits of hosting an open house is that anyone is welcome. If a prospective buyer wants to bring a friend or a relative to have a second opinion – they can! The opinion of someone the prospective buyer trusts who is not emotionally involved can be very valuable.

Great Feedback From Other Attendees

Anyone who has been to an open house will know that there is always chatter amongst the attendees. This chatter, or feedback, is worth its weight in gold. A prospective buyer can hear these passing comments and hear things they might not have originally thought of about a house. They might hear that other homes do not have the same quality of countertops the way this house does considering its price range, for example.

These are just a few of the many benefits of hosting an open house. If you would like to learn more about how an open house can be a great way to market your home, please feel free to contact me here. I would love to show you how we can ensure serious buyers see your home and submit offers on it. If you would like to see which open houses I have coming up, please check out my featured listings page here.