Home Office Decorating Ideas


My heart goes out to each and every one of my readers during this uncertain time in the world. I have been hearing from lots of folks that they are suddenly working from home and are finding the adjustment not as easy as they had anticipated. One thing I have learned through my years of experience is that you have to nest or make a space your own in order for it to work for you. Whether it is your kitchen table, a dedicated home office, or somewhere else in your home, here are some home office decorating ideas:

Create An Accent Wall

If you have a small space like a loft or an attic to work in, consider adding an eye-catching design to your wall to identify your workspace and make it feel inviting. While it may be difficult to go out shopping for wallpaper, see if you have paint lying around the house and create a design. It could be a solid colour wall, or it could have a striped or chevron design, the options are limitless! Look up images online for home office accent walls and see what you can do!

Add Green

Chances are, you have a plant in your home somewhere. If your plant is small enough, move it next to your desk or on top of your desk to add that vibrancy and clean air into your workspace.

Accent Lamps

One of the best home office decorating ideas I found was to improve your lighting. You simply cannot work in a space that does not have ample lighting. Bring a lamp in from storage or pull one that is not frequently used from a part of your home and put it either by your desk or on your desk. This will add more definition to your space as well as give you the light you need to focus on your work.

Use A Very Comfortable Chair

Some of us have beautiful, yet uncomfortable dining chairs. Some of us have beautiful leather wingback armchairs. Find the comfiest chair in your home and make that your home office chair. You will be spending eight hours in this chair, so it needs to be comfortable. If it does not have a perfectly vertical back, use blankets and pillows to help prop yourself up so that your posture is always in its optimal position.

Room With A View

I appreciate that this might not always be possible but do your best to position your new home office near a window or in a room with a window. Having a window makes us feel like we are in a larger space than we are, and we do not feel trapped as we are doing our work.

Decorate Your Space With Inspiring Images

Bring over a favourite painting or piece of artwork to your home office as something to look to when you are feeling low on energy. You can also print off home office art through websites such as society6 and Etsy.

I chose these home office decorating ideas knowing that you will likely not want to leave your house, and online shopping can be experiencing a delay in deliveries due to demand at the moment. I hope these tips can help you build a beautiful and functional home office space with what you have at home. Stay safe and healthy!