Home designs of the future may be deemed elaborate and unrealistic by today’s standards, but the future has a way of throwing us for a loop. With some people moving towards minimalist needs, others vying for more living space, and homes getting technologically smarter and more complex, just wait until you see what the future has in store!


1. Sky-High Buildings

With advancement in construction materials, buildings will stand taller than ever. Condos already reach towering heights, but they will continue to rise even higer and become more complex in the future. Buildings will function as mini cities, with amenities, and their own energy system to boot. The self-contained cities will host everything from schools and parks to office space and malls. Its inhabitants will never have to leave.

2. Mega-Basements

For those who do not want to build up, homes will be extended underground. For some, it is just not enough to have a single level basement. Subterranean structures, or mega-basements, will be equipped with everything from swimming pools to wine cellars to cinemas. These “iceberg basements” have already been making a splash with ultra-wealthy Londoners.

3. Tiny, Mobile Homes

More people will be living in micro-homes or pods, constructed for off-the-grid living. The move towards minimalism is already in swing, with people opting for tiny mobile homes with more space away from cramped urban dwellings. A stark contrast to mega-basements, tiny homes are highly affordable and take you wherever you want to go.

Interior Design

1. Smart Houses

If you thought technology was going to stop at smart phones, think again. Houses of the future will know us better than we know ourselves. Sensors and communication devices will live everywhere in our abodes, from the countertops to the couch. You will be able to interact and communicate with your surroundings, so that your house is already one step ahead of you and your needs.

2. Double Duty Furniture

In the future, you will have no excuse for skipping the gym as the equipment will be sitting right in your living room. No, you will not have an elliptical or treadmill disrupting the flow of your décor, your furniture will do double duty, transforming into your favorite fitness gear. With the ability to lift weights and cycle from the comfort of your living room, the future is looking fit.

3. Disaster-Resistant

The world has seen its fair share of homes shattered by disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and forceful winds. It is likely that more and more homes of the future will be equipped with disaster-resistant features for when these tragedies hit. This may include safe rooms, fire-resistant materials, and steel and concrete designs.

4. The Outdoors are Coming In

You may have potted plants and flowers dotted throughout your home, but the future will see the greenery going one step further, with elaborate indoor gardens. The ability to grow and produce our own fresh food is becoming increasingly appealing, especially as we learn more about all the chemicals existent in our foods today.

What do you think of the future of home design? Are you excited for what’s to come?