Travel. There’s nothing like it. Even if you love your home and city, there is nothing quite like exploring a new place and its culture. Travel opens your eyes and mind to a new way of thinking, and presents you with life-long experiences you will never forget.

Here are 8 tips for the savvy traveler to keep in mind for your next getaway.

1. Fly Mid-Week

It is always cheaper to fly mid-week than on the weekends, as more people are flying at that time. Keep this in mind when you book your flights. If your schedule permits, you can save a lot. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are your best bets. Many weekend travelers extend their trips, so Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays are often busy too.

2. Pack Your Own Snacks

Airport and airplane food prices always have a high mark up. Pack your own trail mix, dried fruits and protein bars to ensure you are satisfied on your flight without paying an arm and a leg.

3. Get Upgraded Instantly

As soon as you arrive at your accommodation, whether it is a hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast, ask for an upgrade. If there is room, you might get lucky and score five-star accommodation for a three-star budget. Although it is not impossible, it is more difficult to get upgraded once you have settled into a room, so ask for the upgrade straight away.

4. Find Free WiFi

Not all accommodations are equipped with free WiFi. Instead of spending your travel funds on WiFi, find a coffee shop or library that allows you to connect for free. You will likely need to look up directions and recommendations on your trip, so finding a free place to connect is essential for a savvy traveler.

5. Travel Off Season

Different destinations have their own peak travel times. Do your research to find out when the high season is for where you are traveling to, and book in the off season. Prices will be lower and destinations less crowded. Do this with care though, as sometimes off season travel can be more difficult due to inclement weather or reduced transportation options.

6. Pack a Refillable Water Bottle

Travel requires a lot of exploring and walking around, so you will want a water bottle by your side. Instead of spending money buying expensive water bottles at tourist attractions, pack a refillable water bottle, fill it up at your accommodation and bring it with you day after day.

7. Dress for Ease

Dress prepared for security lineups to cut down on time in line. Do not wear lots of jewelry or accessories that will take time to remove at check points, and wear shoes that can easily slip on and off.

8. Summer Deals

If you are travelling in the summer, check to see if any college or university residences are open for accommodation. Staying at one of these residences can reduce costs and they are often located conveniently close to transportation hubs and city hot spots, making your trip a breeze.

Do you consider yourself a savvy traveler? Do you have any tips to add?