Maximize Your Home Value


Staying home to self isolate or help reduce the number of people in public spaces does not mean your property value halts – there are many tips to maximize your home value while you are at home! Here are some of my favourites:

Curb Appeal

Now that nurseries are open and we all have more time to ourselves, one of the best tips to maximize your home value is to improve your curb appeal! Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see therefore it will garner their first impression. If your home is not inviting from the outside, chances are potential buyers will not even want to look the inside. Your garden does not need to be the most elaborate one on the block. You can create low-maintenance gardens with boulders and easy-to-care-for plants that blend well with your neighbourhood’s style. Just as a house with no curb appeal is off-putting to some, a house with an overly landscaped front yard can be intimidating to those who do not have a green thumb or cannot afford regular landscaping.

Energy Efficiency

A home that is energy efficient will save you money, which also means it will also save a potential buyer money. Buying a home is arguably the biggest purchase a person can make. By lowering energy consumption, you can save money on monthly bills as well as benefit the health of our planet. You can start small by replacing all the bulbs in your home with LED lighting that you can purchase online. Next you can then work up to replacing your current appliances with energy efficient ones. For a larger-scale project you can install double-paned windows and enhanced attic insulation. One of the biggest things you can do to make your home energy efficient is to install solar panels on your roof, though this may have to wait until more businesses and services have opened back up again.

Smart Home Technology

Something you can easily do from home that will increase your home’s value substantially is to utilize the latest technology. To make your property into a “smart home” you can begin by purchasing and installing a smart thermostat meaning you can program your home’s temperature from wherever you are in the world through your phone, and sometimes simply by your voice within your own home! There are many tax credits you can apply for to get a discount on a smart thermostat. If you want to go further with smart home technology consider getting smart door locks, smart lighting, smart security cameras, and smart carbon monoxide detectors and fire detectors. Not all smart tech increases a home’s value, a smart speaker or a smart TV will not as these are your personal devices. Something that will stay with the home can increase value – especially if they are related to security or energy efficiency. The best part? These devices are relatively easy to install by yourself and will not set you back thousands of dollars the way a bathroom or kitchen renovation could!

I appreciate these times are uncertain. Everyone is navigating uncharted territory and we are all trying to do our best. A great way to help your mental health, occupy your time and invest in your home is to tackle one, some, or even all of these tips to maximize your home value! If you want any more tips please feel free to contact me here. I would love to help you on your journey.