Bridle Path Toronto


The Bridle Path, Toronto is one of the most exclusive and affluent neighbourhoods in our city. Commonly referred to as “Millionaires Row”, Bridle Path, Toronto provides amazement with the transformation this prestigious neighbourhood has undergone.


For the entirety of the 1800s and a significant portion of the early 1900s, The Bridle Path was farmland. It was not until the Bayview Bridge was built over the Don River Valley in 1929 that the Bridle Path area was considered for residential development. The Bridle Path we know and love today was originally sculpted by Hubert Daniel Bull Page, a Torontonian developer. Part of the reason the Bridle Path is so named is due to the plans made by the original developers who had envisaged an elaborate system of equestrian bridle paths to run in and around the neighbourhood. These bridle paths were to serve the upper class of Toronto who would search for a peaceful, beautiful, and very private place to ride their horses. While the original bridle paths have been paved over, their legacy remains in the unusually wide streets that define the neighbourhood.


Because the houses in the Bridle Path were mostly built in the mid-1900s, we can see a wide and eclectic mix of architectural styles. French Chateau, California bungalow, Italianate, Georgian and futuristic modernist are just a smattering of the architectural styles available in the Bridle Path. While these homes vary greatly in style, they do have many things in common. One trend that binds the neighbourhood together is the size of the property. Each mansion located in the Bridle Path is situated on one to six acre lots. These homes are some of the largest in Toronto!


When it comes to recreation and lifestyle, there is only the best of the best available in Bridle Path, Toronto. The York Mills Plaza located at Bayview Avenue and York Mills Road may look like any other plaza. However, this plaza sells imported cigars, Cartier eyeglasses, designer lingerie, rare vintage wines and much more. There is also the famous Bayview Village Shopping Centre for those who love gourmet restaurants and designer clothing.

If you are one who believes that recreation activities are best enjoyed outdoors, look no further than Edward Gardens which is the home of the Toronto Botanical Garden. As one of the finest public gardens in all of Toronto, you can spend an entire day walking along the nine-kilometer trail that begins at the Don River Valley and finishes in Warden Woods Park in Scarborough. Along the way you will see beautiful ponds, waterfalls, rockeries, perennial gardens and a rose garden. Edward Gardens also passes through Sunnybrook Park which is an outstanding resource for those who like to participate in outdoor sports such as soccer, field hockey, cricket and rugby. And, as a nod to the neighbourhood’s history, you can visit their riding stables and take a public horse-riding lesson!

The Bridle Path is a neighbourhood that must be seen to truly appreciate its grandeur. If you are looking to learn more about the neighbourhood to see if it is the right fit for you in the next chapter of your life, please feel free to reach out. I would love to show you what the Bridle Path has to offer!