We know that Toronto is an amazing place to live, but did you know that one quarter of Canada’s population lives within a 160km radius of Toronto and that there are over 180 languages spoken within the city?

Here are some other interesting facts about our beautiful city that you may, or may not, already know!:

  1. We Have the World’s Largest Underground Shopping Complex. Toronto’s PATH system is recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the largest underground shopping complex in the world. The PATH system connects 1,200 stores and restaurants, 50 office towers, 20 parking garages and 5 subway stations. It is 28 kilometers in length. Once a year, the PATH hosts the largest underground sidewalk sale!
  2. We are Recognized for Sustainability. According to the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, Toronto is the most sustainable city in North America, and according to Metropolis Magazine, it is the most livable city in the WORLD!
  3. There Used to be a Lot of Cemeteries. Toronto parks were a mid-Victorian innovation. Before that, the only green spaces available for inner city families to enjoy were cemeteries. Toronto now has over 1,600 named parks and about 10 million trees! It is hard to imagine, but a little over 150 years ago, the luxurious shopping hub of Yorkville was a non-denominational cemetery called “Potter’s Field”.
  4. The Toronto Islands Were Not Always Islands. Back in the day, you could walk to Toronto Island as it was a peninsula. The island became an island in 1853 when a violent storm created the Eastern Gap. More storms and landfill created the other islands. Now a haven for families, the Island was not always family-friendly. It used to be home to a rough crowd who frequented seedy bars and gambling joints.
  5. There are Over 250 “Dummy” Homes. There are over 250 electrical substations disguised as houses in the city. These were built in the 1950s/60s to hide transformers in a way that suited the neighborhood they were built in. Have you seen these homes before?
  6. You Can Find Half a House. There is a house on St. Patrick’s street that turns heads of both tourists and Torontonians alike: it was vertically cut in half! In the 1970s a company was buying up sections of row-houses on the street for restructuring but was legally only able to obtain one half of this particular property. The home owner decided to keep their half as it was, and it remains to this day – missing its mate.
  7. There are Endless Possibilities for Fun. Toronto is home to over 8,000 restaurants, 70 film festivals, 52 outdoor skating rinks, and 35,000 hotel rooms. There are hundreds of events happening every single day and over 21 million people visit our beautiful city each year!

What is your favourite thing about this wonderful city? Looking to move to Toronto? Give me a call at 416-921-1112 and I would be happy to help!