Updated kitchens are one of the most sought-after features for new homebuyers. Here are a few enduring trends that will help make your kitchen a desirable one:

Open Concept

Kitchens are shifting from isolated spaces to communal gathering places. The desire for informal dining and comfortable cooking drives the trend of open concept designs. Open kitchens encourage interaction and entertainment, supporting a casual and connected lifestyle.

Tip: Counter-height islands help unify the kitchen space and offer a comfortable place to sit while increasing much needed meal preparation space. A unified height will help the room appear larger, as there are fewer visual interruptions to catch the eye.


No matter the size of the kitchen, making the most of the space is important. Having the proper space for storage and usability is key:

  • Deep Drawers – Deep drawers are more accessible than typical base cabinetry and make storage effortless. Adding drawer organizers helps keep items in place and easy to find.
  • Large Sinks– When it comes to sinks, the emphasis is on function. Bigger, deeper sinks allow space for cleaning larger/more items comfortably.
  • Full-Height Storage  – Devoting a wall to full-height storage allows for plenty of storage space and eliminates the need for upper cabinets throughout the kitchen. Eliminating upper cabinets tends to be the best way to visually open up a kitchen and leaves the counters free and clear.


Lighting is an important factor in any space – and the kitchen is no exception. Getting the right lighting installed can change the atmosphere of your kitchen instantly.

  • LEDs – No longer painfully bright, LEDs can add a modern touch to any kitchen. They can be used in under-cabinet lighting, over the stove or even inside drawers for better visibility. With glass-front cabinets, they are great for showcasing serving ware or collectibles. LEDs are practical in the kitchen because they do not get overly hot and they can last for over twenty years.


Appliances are an integral part of any kitchen and the right ones can really make a kitchen stand out. With thousands of different styles and models to choose from, it may be hard to choose the perfect appliance. The following are a few appliance trends that are here to stay:

  • Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel continues to be the most popular choice when it comes to appliances. It looks both professional and commercial, with the neutral color allowing easy integration into any kitchen style.
  • Under-Counter Appliances – With upper cabinets disappearing in some of the newer kitchen designs, and spaces opening up, appliances and storage spaces are being shifted below the counters.
  • Integrated Appliances – Appliances are now being built into wall units and cabinetry. Having understated appliances helps create clean lines and unifies the space.
  • Induction Cooking – Induction cooking is fast, safe and aesthetically pleasing. It also eliminates the need for a range hood – opening up the space even more.

Kitchen trends will come and go, but some traditions endure. A kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends and should feel welcoming to all, as well as being functional for daily needs.

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