The first-impression of your home, whether it be to guests or to yourself upon returning home after a day of work or a trip away, is your front entrance. Making this space cheerful, functional and tidy will not only impress your guests, but will also make your life easier and happier. The best way to achieve order in one of the busiest spots of your home begins with a simple assessment of your needs, a design idea for your space and of course, a little bit of fun!

1. Assess Your Needs

Knowing what you need in your front entrance is key to keeping the space tidy. Assess the articles that are already hanging out in your front space: do you keep frequently worn shoes, coats from the right season and extra umbrellas near the front door? Is your front entrance cluttered with seasonal sports items, un-used shoes, excessive accessories and bulky coats from the wrong season? Take inventory of your front entrance items and discard anything you do not use or wish to keep.

2. Design Your Space

Although a complete remodel may sound tempting (and expensive!), sometimes all your front entrance needs is a simple re-arrangement. Do you have a closet to keep coats and shoes tidy? If you do not have the space to install a built-in closet, consider a freestanding wardrobe, a classic coat rack stand or a wall-mounted peg system. Do you have a space to rest your purse, keys and grocery items when you come in the door? You may be accustomed to doing everything with your hands full, but life becomes easier when you can empty your hands as you come in the door. Taking your time to remove your coat and shoes will help reduce stress and having the perfectly designed space will allow you to keep things in order.

3. Have Fun, It’s Your Entrance

This is your home, after all, so it should bring you joy! Have fun with your front entrance, and design the space to match your personality. Have you always wanted to come home to a large display of fresh and fragrant flowers? Make sure your front entrance features a table for an elegant vase that you can fill with your favourite blooms. Do you prefer a clean and modern atmosphere? Design your entrance with sleek, simple lines and clean, white furniture. Do you love to make people laugh? Search for a clever welcome mat that will give your guests a chuckle as they come in the door.

No matter what your personal style or how often your front entrance is used, the magic of tidying-up the entryway to your home can definitely lift your spirits. After assessing your specific front entrance needs and keeping only the things you use (and like!), you will be left with a manageable amount of items to organize. Design your space carefully and with thought, making sure to include functional items as well as decorative ones. Lastly, make sure to have a bit of fun with your front entrance. Bringing a smile to the face of your guests (and yourself) as they walk in the door will give you a sense of pride in your home. Happy organizing!