Where are you planning to retire? Will you choose to stay in the same city you lived in your whole life, or will you make a change?

Finding a new place to live is different at this stage of life. In the past you may have chosen a location based on job availability, decent schools, or proximity to amenities. With young children and careers out of the picture, how will you decide where to spend your retirement years?

While many Canadians will choose not to relocate at all, others will move due to family needs, to be closer to children/grandchildren, or for financial and health considerations.

Experts believe that the best cities to retire in are ones with the following features:

– Affordable and quality health-care

– Low crime rates

– Access to preferred activities

– High senior population

– Affordable cost of living

The following Ontario cities have been voted amongst the best for retirees:

Kingston, ON – A beautiful historic city by the water, Kingston boasts quality affordable health-care, great community services geared towards seniors and a low crime rate. It has a walkable waterfront with all the amenities of a big city while maintaining small town charm. It is also sunny 45 per cent of the time!

Ottawa, ON – Canada’s capital boasts a high quality of living and it has been voted one of the cleanest cities in the world. Ottawa has excellent health-care and support services, with senior services in both French and English.

Burlington, ON – This waterfront city has a higher ratio of retirees than the country’s average and residents enjoy an above average quality of living. It is great place to grow old – thanks to the many independent living facilities and services for seniors.

Peterborough, ON – 1 in 5 of Peterborough’s residents are over the age of 65. Peterborough has naturally become a haven for retirees with an abundance of affordable housing, quality health care and accessible transit. Not to mention a bustling downtown area and beautiful natural surroundings.

Looking outside of Ontario to retire? Other retirement havens include Moncton, NB, Nelson, BC, Rimouski, QC and Victoria, BC.

Canada is an incredible country – there is no shortage of beautiful places to enjoy your retirement years. If you are looking to make a change, and would like some advice on your real estate needs – give me a call at 416-921-1112, I am always happy to help!