The washroom was once just a utilitarian space, but today’s washroom is built around relaxation and luxury. It is your in-home retreat. For those who are looking to fully renovate their washroom, or merely add a little something of interest, here are some trends for you to create a cohesive and timeless washroom:

Walls and Floors

Black is the New Black. Many people are using dark and moody colours on the walls of their washroom, which are then contrasted with natural textures like a wood-framed mirror.

Add White for Contrast. Whether you choose darker walls or not, nothing stands the test of time like white subway tiles, either in the shower or on the floor. White subway tiles are incredibly versatile; pairing well with a causal industrial look or even a more traditional-style.

Mediterranean Tiles are Forever. You are spoiled for choice with Mediterranean-inspired tiles. You can have swirly ones that add more romance to your washroom, or geometric ones that add more structure. Regardless of what you choose, these tiles give your washroom a rustic, “been here forever” look that adds depth and drama without necessarily needing to lean on black and white if you need more colour in your life.

Washroom Galleries: It has become second nature to imagine aquatic-styled artwork in a washroom. Seashells, fish, anchors are very easy and safe. Instead, consider bold artwork with sharp contrasts. This could be statement wallpaper or modern prints. Dare to be different!

In The Washroom

Separation of Shower and Tubs. If you have the space available in your washroom there really is nothing like having a claw-foot or modern soaking tub that is big enough for you to relax in. Give yourself the room to unwind with large free-standing showers. With a walk-in shower you can have a built-in or portable bench that makes life both practical and beautiful.

Minimalist Cabinets that Say a Lot: If you are decorating with bold contrasts such as black and white, or with gorgeous Moroccan tiles, it is important to keep things balanced with simple and clean cabinet shapes. This will help your washroom from feeling too crowded no matter its size.

Luxurious Touches

Warm Toes and Warm Towels. Everyone loves that warm feeling you have when you get out of the shower and with in-floor heating and towel warmers you can feel warmer longer. Towel warmers are available for as little as $100 so you do not have to break the bank to be spoiled!

Light My Fire. Adding a small fireplace in your washroom will help increase your home’s resale value, as well as making heating more affordable and adding a stunning statement piece to the room.

Washrooms are one of the most cost-effective spaces that you can renovate, and they can create the biggest change in your home’s personality, too!

Do you think your home needs a bit more luxury or drama? Let your washroom set the tone!