A few weeks ago, I discussed all the many possible mistakes you can make when selling your home. This week, I want to focus on the positive tips for selling your home that will ensure your property is sold quickly, for a profit and to the right buyer.

Half-Empty Closets

Potential home buyers are obsessed with space in a home, and not just living space. Before your home is available for showings, remove and store away half of the items in each and every one of your closets. That way, when they come in to see your home, they will be pleasantly surprised at how much storage space there is (and they will think you are very tidy, too!)

Get Lit

To help make your home feel as spacious as possible, you will need good lighting. Remove any heavy drapes, wash your windows, clean your lamp shades (or get new ones) and look for bulbs that have higher wattage. Outside the home, trim any bushes that are close to your window. Every ounce of sunlight that can pour in is liquid gold and money in the bank. The brighter and cheerier your home is, the more likely it is to sell.

Gussy Up Your Kitchen

Truth be told, whenever a home goes on the market, the kitchen is often the star of the show. And while kitchen renovations can easily add up in price, in order to ensure you are getting a fair value for your home, I suggest you smartly upgrade your kitchen. Instead of spending a few thousand dollars to replace countertops only to have a potential buyer not care for that style and not see the value in it, try painting your cabinets. Choosing a more neutral colour for your cabinets, the more likely a potential buyer can envision themselves in that space with their own personality in it. One of my favourite tips for selling your home is the single stainless-steel appliance. If you can only afford to put in one new, high quality appliance in your kitchen make sure it is a very visible one. Then, when potential buyers come around to inspect the home, they will think the rest of your appliances, if they are well looked after, are just as high-end.

Ace Your First Impressions

Unfortunately, the sentence “you never get a second chance at a first impression” holds true in the real estate market. If your home does not pull a potential buyer inside the house, it does not matter how much work has been done to the interior. Therefore, you must start with your curb appeal. Add some brightly coloured flowers, an inexpensive shrub or two. Curb appeal is one part of your home you can invest in and feel assured that you will get most of your money back – if not all! Extend this welcoming atmosphere all the way into your entryway. A fresh coat of paint on your doorway, a nice mailbox, a clean welcome mat. Having a practical but pretty coat hook and place to keep your keys will make potential home buyers feel they are already at home within the first 10 seconds of viewing your home.

The internet is inundated with tips for selling your home. Some tips will apply to certain homes or neighbourhoods more than others, but at the end of the day, the best suggestion is to keep your home as neutral and as spacious as possible. Do what you can to make the potential buyers feel at home, let your property speak for itself and they will be able to envision themselves moving right in!