The interesting part about you, Elli, is that we contacted you several years ago to kick around the idea of selling. You spent time with us on the phone at that time and kept in touch by sending your Newsletter regularly. You were direct and informative then, so when we came back from our travels with the plan to sell we called you…the Realtor who had kept in touch. That is, kept in touch with a significant mailing, a Newsletter, and regular personal updates.

The entire process of selling the condominium was professionally managed from start to finish. In one week!

With tenants in residence it is never easy, but you did find ways to accommodate this for which we are grateful. The number of showings was impressive; the scheduling was clockwork, the feedback prompt and honest.  Elli, as you know your team is fabulous and any question we had was answered promptly by either you or a member of that team. Paperwork moved swiftly and efficiently. Electronic signatures are wonderful are they not?

Thank you. Thank you all very much. We highly recommend you and will spread our good news and great experience far and wide.