With spring in full swing, now is a GREAT time to show off your home to potential buyers. But remember, the snow only melted away a few weeks ago – this means the yard needs some maintenance! Time to clean up all that winter left behind…

Follow this list to get your yard looking its best and ready for selling:

Keep it Green

Remove Any Sign of Winter – This means cleaning up anything that was trapped in the snow all winter – including sticks, leaves, garbage and pet/animal deposits. Clear out any plants or shrubbery that did not survive the cold.

Remove Weeds –Getting rid of weeds might be a painstaking task but it shows potential clients that you take care of all aspects of your property. A weed-free yard looks healthy and clean.

Take Care of the Grass – Make sure your lawn is evenly cut and hydrated. Replace any sections that have died or been damaged during the winter months.

Plant Seasonal Flowers – Plant flowers that will be in bloom during showings. It is great for potential buyers to see a beautiful blooming garden, instead of a work in progress. It brings color and interest to the space.

And remember, there is more to the yard than just the grass, think of all the aspects of the backyard that potential buyers will see…

Take Care of the Patio

Since the weather is warming up, potential clients will be paying close attention to the patio and picturing themselves enjoying the space during the summer months. Make the area as clean and inviting as possible. Keep in mind the following:

Patio Furniture– Make sure your outdoor furniture looks good. It may have been sitting in the shed (or out in the harsh elements) for months, so you should inspect the furniture before putting it on display. This means you might need to get your gloves out and do some scrubbing or power-washing. Pay close attention to anything that might be damaged or broken.

Deck – How does it look? Your deck might benefit from a power wash or a fresh stain to make it look like new.

BBQ – Give your BBQ a thorough cleaning – inside and out. No one wants to see remnants of last week’s cook out! If you have a lot going on around the BBQ area, consider doing a bit of de-cluttering and keeping the area tidy.

Make It Great

Apart from the greenery and furniture, take a walk around your yard and think about what simple changes or upgrades you could do to enhance the space. Remember, many showings happen at night so consider installing some inexpensive outdoor lighting that will make the space look great at all times of the day.

No matter the size of your yard, you can create an inviting space that any potential client would appreciate. If you have any questions about how to get your yard ready, give me a call at 416-921-1112 or email me at elli@ellidavis.com – I am always happy to help.