2016_05_26 - Elli Davis

A few changes in your home can go a long way to help lower your monthly hydro bill. The following are 8 simple ways to shave up to 40 per cent off your next hydro bill:

  1. Use Less Phantom Power – When an electronic device is plugged in but not in use, it still draws electricity. This accounts for up to 15 per cent of the household’s electricity bill. Unplug anything that is not used regularly, or if you have several electronics in one room, use a power strip that you can turn off when not in use.
  2. Change Your Light Bulbs – compact fluorescent bulbs use up to 75 per cent less energy than regular bulbs.
  3. Weather-Proof Your Home –Window treatments can reduce heat loss in winter and reflect heat in the summer. Blinds and window coverings can also do the trick. In the fall, weather-strip your home around doors, air conditioners, and attic hatches. Reduce drafts to save up to 30 per cent on heating costs.
  4. Shower Instead of Bathe – A five minute shower in the morning will cost you about 20 cents while a bath at the same time will cost you more than double.
  5. Focus on the Refrigerator – Your fridge uses more electricity than all of your other kitchen appliances combined. To keep costs down, clean the fridge coils twice a year which can improve efficiency by 30 to 50 per cent. A full fridge and freezer also runs more efficiently than an almost empty one. Refrigerator door seals also wear over time, test your seal and replace when necessary. If you have an older fridge, you are using A LOT more energy than you have to. A new ENERGY STAR fridge will use 50 per cent less electricity than a 10 year old model would.
  6. Save on Laundry – Washing your clothing with cold water will cut back electricity by up to 90 per cent. Do full loads during off-peak hours or on weekends, and hang dry your clothing when possible. When using the dryer, remember to clean the lint trap to make the dryer more efficient. If you are in the market for a new washer, look for a front-load ENERGY STAR model to reduce water use by 45 per cent and energy by 65 per cent.
  7. Use Ceiling Fans – When you run a fan in combination with your air conditioner, you are able to raise the temperature setting by 2°c, reducing your energy use by at least 10 per cent.
  8. Be Mindful – One of the best ways to save on your hydro bill is to be mindful of the electricity and water you use. Take shorter showers, turn the lights off when you leave a room, do not leave the water running while you brush your teeth, etc. Being less wasteful with the little things will help the environment and keep your costs down.

Hydro One has several incentives to help you reduce your energy usage and save money. If you live in Toronto, you can save money by doing laundry, showering and running the dishwasher at off-peak hours. Do you have any tips or tricks that you use at home to help keep your hydro bill down? Let us know!