Every year, since 1999, Pantone announces a Colour of the Year. Earlier this month it was announced that 2017’s colour is Greenery. Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade reminiscent of spring time.

The experts at Pantone advise a variety of industries on the use of colour from fashion and home design, to packaging and product development. For 17 years, they have been choosing colours and scouting trends through the year in media, on runways and in trade shows around the world.

This year, green is everywhere. Fashion designers are playing with green tones in their prints and accessories and green hued beauty products are popular with shades for eyes, nails, and lips. Major celebrities have even been spotted with green coloured hair this year.

The shade symbolizes the desire to be healthy, to use organic products and to protect the environment. It is a colour associated with innovation and minimalism – commonly used in logos and advertising for apps and start-ups. The colour also represents all things ‘re’ – revive, restore, renew, refresh and reinvigorate – evoking the feeling of the first days of spring.

According to the colour experts, there is a growing desire to reconnect with nature and what is real – the need to stop and breathe. The colour is represented in the first buds and grass blades of spring, but it has also been a popular colour choice in history at times of major cultural shifts.

Greenery in the Home

The use of green hues has been gaining popularity in the home. People are connecting with the elements outside through open spaces, large windows, forest-like murals and living moss walls. In fact, plants of all sizes are being seen in every room of the house from succulents on bookshelves, to large palms in foyers.

If you are not a fan of house plants, add a touch of colour with green curtains, rugs, or plush pillows. Look for floral patterns that have vibrant greens throughout. Greenery pairs well with crisp whites, light blues and gold accents.

If you have a mostly neutral room, play up the space with a green textured accent wall. Place an oversized white sofa against the wall with a few light blue cushions. Add to the look by hanging gold frames and incorporating navy blue accents. For a look at some greenery design inspiration, check out these design examples.

Colour is a huge part of home decor, if you are not sure what goes well with your favourite shades, you can read up on colour theory with this informative article:  Colour Theory Basics for the Home.

What do you think of Pantone’s choice for 2017? If you are planning on incorporating this year’s colour – check out the greenery colour pairings to help you develop the perfect colour scheme for your home. Happy decorating!