Cycling has a big role in Toronto’s community and culture. Whether you do it to commute to work or just for fun, cycling is a popular pastime in our great city. If you think that cycling is just for the young and super fit, then think again…

Cycling is for Everyone

You do not have to be a high performance athlete to enjoy cycling. You can ride a bicycle at any pace – it can be as intense, or leisurely, as you want it to be. Bicycles are designed for different body types and physical capabilities. It is important to choose a bicycle that is tailored to your needs. Not all bicycles are created equal, and a bike that is perfect for a friend might not work as well for you.

Choose How and Where You Will Ride

Take into account the kind of riding you want to do. Will you be maneuvering down the busy streets of Toronto, or using your bike on quiet trails, or maybe you would like to try riding in some rougher terrain? Once you decide what your main objective will be, choose a bike that is designed for that. Here is a comprehensive list of bicycle types and how to choose the right one for you.

Toronto.ca offers a great interactive cycling map where you can find every bicycle route and trail in the city. It is a perfect tool to use when deciding the best way to commute to work, or planning a weekend of exploring your favorite neighbourhoods within the city or cycling along the many bike paths!

Cycling Without Age

For those who are older and physically unable to ride, a movement called Cycling Without Age is in the works for Toronto. This movement aims to include the elderly population in cycling; a part of Toronto’s everyday culture.

How it works: the movement allows young volunteers to sign up and use rickshaw bikes to pedal seniors around, giving them a chance to enjoy the fresh air and community. The original idea was built following the observation that many seniors who are experiencing mobility issues spend a lot of their time remaining sedentary, but would benefit from some form of activity.

Activity Partners

Part of what makes activities fun, is doing them with other people. Meetup is a greet website that allows you to search for activity partners and events based on geography and interest. For example, you can search for an adult running group, or drop-in volleyball games, as well as find other people interested in cycling, within 15 km of your home.

Stay Active Any Way Possible

Whether it is cycling, running, swimming or organized sports – Toronto offers countless programs, drop-in sessions, and meetups all over the city. Staying active is important for both physical and mental health and it is a great mood-booster!

Whatever activities you are up to this summer, do not forget to hydrate and take extra care during hot weather. Be aware of heat warnings, give yourself plenty of opportunities for breaks and a place to escape the sun. Stay safe and have fun being active this summer!