Summer is here and it is time remove the reminders of winter that are still lingering in our homes. Spruce up your space and get ready for summer entertaining with these tips:

Create a Cozy and Inviting Outdoor Space.

Give your outdoor furniture a deep clean. Rain and winter-storage tends to take a toll on our outdoor items. Put cushion and pillow covers through the wash and scrub down the deck, tables, BBQ and any decorative pieces.

Light up a pathway with solar lights or add string lights to your patio for ambiance. Decorate with tall plants, torches, and consider adding in a water-feature or a contained fire-pit.

Remove the Heat-Producing Items in Your Home.

Do away with any thick rugs, blankets or heavy drapes and replace them with something lighter and brighter.

Swap out candles for fresh flowers and make use of the fireplace by treating it as a nook to display a floral arrangement or decorative piece.

Tackle Chores and Make Room for Summer Items.

Give windows and floors a power clean.

Empty the freezer and defrost it fully; melt any icy build up and clean thoroughly. Look through your food items and throw out anything that has been in the freezer for over a year or anything that has freezer burn.

Organize the shed and garage. Move the snowblower, ice skates and snow shovels out of the way to ensure easy access to your summer toys and tools.

Keep Things Cool Without Cranking the Air Conditioning.

Turn your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise to increase air flow – since blades are tilted upward changing direction will help to push air downward and create a stronger draft.

Change your air conditioner filter or have your unit professionally looked at. Proper maintenance will ensure you get the best energy output and will lower your chances of a broken A/C in the middle of a sweltering heatwave.

Keep blinds at least partially closed to help keep sun rays out and the cool air in.

Summer Means More Entertaining and Overnight Guests, Be Prepared for Their Arrival.

Give your home a summer makeover by livening it up with colourful throw pillows and fresh flowers and plants.

Use cooler bedding such as fresh cotton or linen sheets.

Opt for neutral colours: beachy hues or pops of citrus.

Swap out heavy comforters for a light coverlet or quilt. Freshen up the bathroom with crisp white towels, new plush bath mats, and a colourful bright shower curtain.

How are you preparing your home for summer?