Your REALTOR® can be your biggest asset when it comes to buying or selling a home, and choosing the right one can make the difference between a positive or disappointing experience.

The following are a few considerations and questions to ask your potential REALTOR®

What is Your Professional Background?

Get to know your potential REALTOR®. What is their mission statement? What is the reputation of the brokerage they work for? Do you agree with their methods and standards? What is the REALTOR®’s educational background? How long have they been in business for? Do they have any awards or special designations?

How Do You Approach Marketing?

When you are selling your home, marketing can mean the difference between a quick sale and a long drawn-out process. Ask your potential REALTOR® how they will approach the marketing of your home. Where will they advertise your listing? Will there be professional photography and video? Check out their current listings, are they attractive to you? Can you picture your own home being advertised this way – would it work for you?

What is Your Success Rate?

Past success is a good indicator of future success in real estate. If your potential REALTOR® has high success rates then you are probably in good hands. Ask them how long it takes them, on average, to sell a home and what the average variation between listing price and selling price is. How many homes have they sold this year?

How Dedicated are You to the Business?

How involved is your potential REALTOR® in his/her work? There are many successful REALTORS® who work in real estate part-time, but you are more likely to be satisfied with one who makes selling (or finding) your home his/her full-time priority. How many clients do they have a time? Do they have support staff? Make sure you will be given the time and attention you deserve.

How Do You Communicate with Your Clients?

Being able to communicate effectively and in a timely manner is crucial for a successful client/ REALTOR® relationship. How will you be communicating, and when can you contact them? Will you be able to speak before they execute any decisions on your behalf? Be sure to let the potential REALTOR® know your preferred contact method and find out how often they will be communicating with you.

You take the time to choose a good lawyer, to find the right doctor – picking a REALTOR® should be no different. After all, you are planning for what may be the largest transaction of your life. Find someone whose experience and knowledge you trust, and be open with them about your questions and concerns.

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