Gardening season may be over, but you can still use your green thumb indoors! Bring the outdoors in to instantly add life and interest to your space, decorate with plants using these 6 styling tips:

Look Past the Green

Kick up the colour with some blooming buds. Plants such as the African Violet, Hibiscus, Christmas Cactus, and Cape Primrose all offer colourful blooms. Balance out bold plants with muted and neutral pots – colourful pots can look too busy when matched with already-colourful plants.

Pick Plants that Purify the Air

Some plant types are better at cleaning the air than others. These plants are an excellent addition to a stuffy space or a room or office you spend a lot of time in. Adding a few leafy plants can help improve your air quality and make you breathe better in your space. English Ivy, Peace Lily, Lady Palm, Boston Fern and the Snake Plant are all plants that work extra hard cleaning the air.

Get Creative with Plant Holders

Think outside the pot when finding homes for your plants. Large Plants: Try colourful buckets, wicker baskets or wooden chests. Small Plants: Herbs, flowers, and shrubs look great in vintage tea tins, tea pots or decorative ceramic pots. Use a fishbowl, mason jar or glass vase as a terrarium for your succulents. Get creative – there are endless types of non-porous containers that would make a great planter!

Think Big

Tall leafy trees add life and interest to a space. Large plants can be a great statement piece in an otherwise bare corner or can be used to frame your couch, fireplace or television. Look for low-maintenance plants that will not lose their leaves easily. Make sure to keep plants out of high-traffic areas to minimize damage.

Play with Textures

Texture is often an overlooked element of design. Introducing texture with plants is simple with an endless variety of sleek leafy greens, prickly cacti or soft pastel blooms available. Mix and match textures and plant types to make a bold statement.

Make Use of Your Space

We all have those areas in our home that are trickier to style. Whether you have an empty corner, or an awkward shelf space to fill – plants can be an ideal decorative element. If you lack surface space in one room, hang a few planters by a window or bed. If your living room contains low tables and deep couches, use tall leafy plants to add height to the space. If you have a cramped space that could use a little livening-up – try your hand at creating a small succulent terrarium or plant tiny shrubs in a pot to create a mini-garden.

Whether you take a minimalist approach with one or two small pots, or go all out with a jungle-like foyer, plants can add calmness and elements of life to your space. If you would like any advice on decorating or styling your home in preparation to sell – give me a call at 416-921-1112, I would be happy to help.