Are you planning to move into a smaller space? Downsizing will most likely be required. With some planning and organization this can be a positive experience and help you to de-clutter the things you have unknowingly accumulated over the years. Give yourself time and keep in mind these small steps to prepare for the move:

7 Tips to Make Downsizing a Breeze

  1. Give Yourself Time. Start organizing and prioritizing items as soon as you can. Beginning three months before the move is ideal. Giving yourself time will not only allow you to do a bit at a time, it can also prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by the tasks at hand. Taking things slow will allow you to consider all your belongings and be thoughtful in how you handle them.
  2. Create a List of Your Truly Essential Items. Sometimes we can get attached to our belongings so it is a good idea to try to objectively prioritize items and create a list. The items you simply cannot live without will remain untouched and everything else will be subject to review. Create a Yes List and a No List and begin to plan on how to remove the ‘no’ items from your home.
  3. Be Environmentally Conscious. Try not to throw anything out. Instead, pack boxes and bags to bring to second hand stores, shelters, or local charities. Items that may not necessarily be fit to donate can be included in online ‘curb alert’ ads. If no one is interested in these, then figure out what you can recycle or reuse for a different purpose. Throwing things in the garbage should be a last resort.
  4. Keep in Mind How Your New Space Will Differ. Are you moving into a condo? Consider donating, selling, or giving away outdoor maintenance items and other items you normally store in the garage. Consider other types of items you will no longer have use for.
  5. Get a Good Idea of What Size Rooms You Will Have. Use a floor plan to help decide what furniture you will keep and how it will be laid out in the space. For example, if you know that your new living room will be the size of your current bedroom, you can visualize what will, or will not, fit.
  6. Start With the Easy Rooms. Areas with minimal sentimental value, (like the kitchen) are a great place to get a stress-free start on de-cluttering.
  7. Get a Second Opinion. If you find yourself having difficulty getting rid of items you know you should, get someone who knows you well and ask them to help you.

Having to adjust to a smaller space can be stressful and emotional, so make sure to take things slow and try to deal with tasks one at a time. Keep things positive and be honest about what you need. Once you get organized and settled, you will feel great in your new clutter-free space. If you are