You know the feeling you get when you walk into a luxurious, crisp and clean hotel room, walking across the plush carpet and plopping onto the huge uber-soft bed? Staying in a luxury hotel is always a decadent treat. Why not let the vacation last by treating yourself at home with your very own luxurious 5-star worthy bedroom?

Here are a five ways to bring in the Ritz without blowing your budget:

1. A Bed Fit For a King (or Queen!) What makes a bed look and feel luxurious? Think about the last time you went to an upscale hotel – what was the bed like? It probably had crisp white linens, plush pillows and an amazing mattress. Want your bedroom to feel like a luxe hotel room? Opt for a king bed with a bit of height to it. If you only do one thing to upgrade your bed – invest in high thread count linens. The look and feel of Egyptian cotton will have you feeling like royalty.

2. Hotel-Like Décor. Hotels need to cater to a wide range of tastes and usually boast neutral and uncluttered décor. Keep things elegant and simple, hang only a few key décor pieces on walls and keep any surfaces open and tidy. Hardwood floors are beautiful but if you want the hotel feel, opt for a plush carpet or at least a decadent accent rug. Skip the table lamps and install lighting on either side of the bed – elegant sconces can add the perfect detail. For an extra touch, create a modern bed and breakfast look by installing curtain rods onto the ceiling around the bed and drape rich soft fabric for your own private oasis.

3. Comfortable Furniture. Hotel furniture is usually big and the seating is super comfortable. Keep with the luxury theme by having an oversized sofa, ottoman or chaise lounge. Drape your sofa with a plush throw and matching cushions. Keep colours neutral and play with textures and subtle patterns for an elegant look. Any other furniture in the room should serve a purpose and go with the vacation and relaxation theme.

4. Extra-Special Touches. You know those little surprises you often find in hotel rooms? Like a mint, or a chocolate on the pillow? Or perhaps a bottle of champagne on the dresser? It might not make sense for you to do this for yourself, but it is a nice touch if you are setting up a bedroom for a guest. Even the smallest surprises can make your guests feel extra special. If your hotel-like haven is just for you, treat yourself with fragrant fresh-cut flowers or a white terry cloth robe with matching slippers.

5. Clean and Uncluttered. When you walk into a hotel room, the first thing you usually notice is how clean everything is. If you want your room to feel like a hotel room, then be prepared to keep everything pristine. This means no dust, dirt, or clutter. When there are less décor pieces and personal items out in the open, your room will look larger and cleaner. Use candles, incense and fabric sprays to keep the room smelling clean and fresh. Remember to clean the space before you leave for the day so when you come home from a long day at work you can truly feel like you are ready to relax in your hotel-like oasis.

Everyone’s tastes are different – think about what you like about luxury hotels and incorporate these elements into your own space to create the perfect oasis for you.