The bathroom is one of the most practical and well-used spaces in any home. Thinking about giving yours an overhaul? Here are 5 bathroom trends that are making a splash in 2016:

The Spa Shower. Becoming less of a stall and more of a room, showers are gaining square footage with larger, more luxurious shower heads. Often featuring a small bench and nooks for soaps and toiletries, the space is becoming more of a spa.  The trend is leaning towards completely enclosed walk-in showers with large panes of glass or solid walls. If you do not have the space for a large shower, simply upgrade your showerhead to create a luxurious and relaxing environment.

Feature Floor Tiles – Bold floors are making a splash. Statement floors provide a great design opportunity and can spice up any plain bathroom. Tiles are readily available in different shapes, patterns and textures. The sky is the limit when it comes to design possibilities. In small bathrooms, a bold floor adds style without overwhelming the space, while in larger bathrooms, the design creates an elegant effect.

Freestanding Baths – The love affair with elegant, vintage-inspired freestanding baths is not over. With their striking design features, they set the mood for rest and relaxation. When choosing a freestanding bath, consider the aesthetic of your space. A round bath can bring softness to an angular bathroom, while an angular bath can balance out soft colors or compliment a highly-structured space.

Grey Tones – Grey has been a popular color choice in the bathroom for the past few years, and it is a trend that is sticking around. If you are worried about grey being too drab or boring for your space, consider adding white accents or creating a statement wall. Spice up a monochrome color scheme with subtle splashes of color.

Reflecting Your Home – Incorporate décor that reflects the rest of the home. Try this trend by adding living room furniture, pieces of art, lamps or chandeliers in the space.  Want something more subtle? Use unconventional fixtures and vanities that resemble furniture to unify the bathroom with the rest of the home.

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