If you are considering a retirement community for yourself or someone close, keep these questions in mind to ensure you choose one that fits the best:

What Amenities are Available?

Retirement communities come in all shapes and sizes, with amenities varying greatly based on location. Will you be looking for a community in Florida, with amenities inclined to the weather there, or closer to home? If you are looking abroad, you may find communities that are similar to resorts with spas, golf courses, outdoor pools, etc. Many Ontario communities do offer extras like fitness rooms, indoor and outdoor recreation areas and plenty of other types of activities. Ask yourself how you would like to be spending your time, and look for a community that can facilitate your interests. A good retirement community nourishes physical, social, emotional, intellectual, vocational and spiritual needs. They can offer extras such as lectures, events, workshops, maintenance assistance, exercise classes, expert care, support and more.

How Much Will it Cost?

Costs will vary depending on the community. The price you pay will be highly dependent on how much space you are looking to rent. A bachelor suite will be a lot different than a 2-bedroom suite. Typically, your ‘rent’ will cover your meal plan – which usually includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, with coffee and snacks available throughout the day. Most places will also offer complimentary shuttles to a few key locations, as well as on-site activities and they may even cover certain healthcare costs. Make sure you understand your expenses, and know what it is included and what is not.

What Level of Care Will You Receive, Should You Need It?

It is important to consider your needs and how they may change down the road. A person’s needs can vary based on health, physical ability and age. It can happen that younger retirees may need more assistance than some who are ninety years or better. Be honest about your needs and make sure that you can get the proper attention and care necessary for your well-being. Some retirement communities do little in the way of health care while others are primarily focused on it. Find out what level of care a community can offer you.

What Type of Lifestyle Do Residents Enjoy?

How will you be looking to spend your time? Are you hoping to be in the middle of a bustling city to enjoy local amenities, shopping, entertainment and culture? Or would you rather be in a community that is tucked away and surrounded by nature? There are communities that can suit just about any lifestyle, whether it be active, creative, relaxed or social. Those searching for activity can often be just as happy in a particular community as those looking to enjoy quiet time alone as many communities focus on facilitating various lifestyles.

Retirement communities are different from other communities in that they offer services and amenities that help maintain long term well-being and promote a feeling of belonging. They are great if you are looking for living assistance or enjoy the company of people who have similar interests. Retirement communities are only one of the many options to consider when you are planning on downsizing. For more general information on Ontario retirement communities, click here. If you are hoping to downsize, and could use some help and advice, feel free to call me at 416-921-1112 – I am always happy to help.