Are you ready to sell your house? To facilitate a speedy sale and to get the best selling price possible, you will want to implement a few of these easy and affordable home staging tips. These are simple, deal-sealing changes that will highlight your home’s best features to make it more attractive to a greater number of potential buyers.

  1. Remove Clutter. While you might adore a home full of memorable knick-knacks, most buyers will not have the same positive view of your collectibles. As well, having too many objects on your walls and mantel place can hide attractive molding or detract the viewer’s eye. Another big culprit of clutter is having too much furniture, which can make rooms feel smaller than they actually are. To show your home at its best, box up the memories and remove roughly half of your furniture to create a more open atmosphere.
  2. Upgrade Your Lighting. Lighting is one of the most essential, yet too often overlooked elements in staging a home. Many homeowners who ignore this facet will have an interior that looks dated and in poor condition. Dark rooms are a particular turn-off to buyers and any room that gets poor natural light should be a primary focus for lighting upgrades. A few key tips are to add floor and table lamps and recessed lights which add a layered look that is more aesthetically pleasing, and to replace any old fashioned fans without light fixtures with ones that are light-equipped. A good rule of thumb is 100 watts for every 50 square feet.
  3. Colour it Bigger. While painting a room can be somewhat of an investment, the added value it gives your home is well worth the expense. Especially as, with the right paint, you can make rooms appear larger. For example, if your house has a smaller-than-average kitchen and dining room, painting both adjacent rooms the same color, even if there are partial room dividers, will make both rooms feel as if they are one large, continuous space. For sun porches and rooms that connect to the yard, use light green paint to reflect the warm outdoors.
  4. Bring in the Outdoors. To add to the outdoor feel, a great way to stage a home and make it more inviting is to raid your yard and bring the nature indoors. Use budding magnolia clippings or add fern fronds to the bathroom to reflect a bright and spring-like atmosphere. If you want to add a splash of color to your living room, grab some summer blooms or rely on the bright reds and oranges of fall foliage. During winter, a few holly branches complete with bright red berries will give it a fresh look that will appeal to many buyers.
  5. Install a New Face. Your kitchen is an important room in indicating the selling value of your home, but you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a major makeover. Adding new doors to your cabinets and installing drawer fronts can make a great impact on how buyers will see the value of your home. As well, installing new cabinet hardware will add a nice finishing touch. Another inexpensive and easy home staging tip is to install a new front panel for your dishwasher or use laminate paper to give a fresh and clean look.

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