2016_06_16 - Elli Davis

Keeping an organized home can be hard at times – follow these tips and tricks to stay clutter-free and tidy with ease:

Clean the Focal Point: If you do not have time for a thorough cleaning of every room, you can make any room look clean and organized by cleaning the ‘focal point’. In a bedroom, if the bed is made and clutter-free, the whole room will look better. The same goes with the kitchen – if the sink is clean and free of dishes, the rest of the space looks tidier.

Keep Clutter Containers: Have a container or reusable bag by the door in each room to hold things that do not belong in the room. Every day or every few days, collect each container/bag and place items where they need to go. This makes it easier to develop the habit of noticing out-of-place items and keeping the space tidy.

Throw Things Out After a Year: If you want to de-clutter but are unsure if you should get rid of certain items, put them in a dated box – whatever is left untouched after a year can be safely donated/sold.

De-Clutter Your Closet – Put away your winter clothes in the summer to make room in your closet and keep items organized.

Not sure which of your clothes you should get rid of? Hang all your clothing with the hangers facing one way. When you use an item and put it back in the closet, turn the hanger the other way. After a year, note which items are still hung the original way – consider getting rid of them.

One for One: Attempt to make a habit of letting go of something when a new item is brought in. Think of your house as being at capacity – for a new item to enter, something else has to be removed. For example, if you bring home a new pair of shoes, donate your least favorite pair in its place.

Make Labels – labels can be used everywhere. Have a label maker on hand to identify boxes and containers. The more descriptive you are, the better your chances of locating specific items in the future. Having clear containers also saves you time and energy when looking for things.

Color Code Your Family – If you have a large household, you can assign each family member their own color. For example, your son’s toothbrush, slippers, bathrobe, lunchbox, etc. can all be yellow to easily identify them as his.

Be Mindful: It is easy to forget where you put things – especially when they are out of sight. Try not to hide too many small items in larger ones and avoid making piles of anything.

Know Your Habits: Sometimes it is easier just to work with our habits rather than try to change them. If you find yourself always throwing your keys on the kitchen counter, or leaving your bags in the foyer, set up an appropriate place for these items as close as possible to that spot. Keep a dish or container for your keys in the kitchen and set up a cubby or hangers for your bags in the foyer.

Do you have any tips or tricks for staying organized? Are you looking to downsize or move into a new space? Give me a call at 416-921-1112 – I am always happy to help.