Our days are full of responsibilities, at work and at home, and often it feels like the work is never ending. The stresses of the workday tend to follow us home and it can be hard to find the time to relax and unwind. As important as it is to work, it is also important to feel happy and fulfilled on a daily basis.

Here are a few tips to be happier at work (and at home):

Think Positive

Take a moment each day to remind yourself of everything that is going well for you – that happiness will transfer over to work. Taking a few moments to reflect on what you are grateful for can actually make you feel better about your life. Many report that reflection provides them with more optimism about their upcoming week and the future in general.

Do the Things that Bring You Joy

Take the time to do things that make you happy – the things that lift your spirits. If you do one thing every day that makes you happy – the happiness will linger. Whether you are at work, or at home, squeeze in some activities that bring you joy. Also, it is helpful to always have something to look forward to, so plan something fun for yourself in advance on a regular basis.

Take Breaks

Do you have times during the day when you feel the most productive? Most people have peak times while other times there is a struggle to work. This can be improved by practicing some recovery throughout the day. All it takes is a few minutes each day that you set aside to nourish yourself by doing activities that either help calm you or increase your energy. Even a small break can rejuvenate you during a stressful day. It can be something like going for a walk outside, stretching, reading or even having a cup of tea. You know what makes you happiest – do that!

Use Your Strengths

Are you good at your job? Are you using your skills and doing things that make you feel fulfilled? You are happiest when you do the things you are good at. It is important to understand your strengths and leverage them. If you are unsatisfied with work it could be that you are not doing something that suits you based on your personality type. There are plenty of personality and aptitude tests available online that can help you identify the type of work you would potentially excel at.

Some argue that work/life balance is actually a myth and that the key to success is to combine the two seamlessly. Whether you consider work and life to be separate or just all a part of life – the answer remains the same. Do what makes you happy. Whether it is making sure you get enough relaxation time at home, or ensuring that your workload is manageable and that you like what you do. Other aspects such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy/exercising and socializing are all important too.