Have you considered moving your mom or dad into the spare room? Living together is a great way to be close and offer support and care. It can also be a big change for everyone involved. Even though we once lived with our parents, coming together again under one roof can take on a new complexity. Our parents were once our caretakers and the key decision-makers in our home. The roles are reversed with them moving in to your home and it may be difficult to cope with. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Personal Space: One of the biggest stressors can be a lack of personal space and privacy. Work to create an arrangement that allows everyone to have their own space and alone time when they need it.
  • Compatibility: In order to live together cohesively, there needs to be a level of compatibility. Having an open and honest relationship is key. Remember that living together can create stresses that would not normally be faced in everyday relationships. Work towards having open communication and consider arrangements that all parties will be satisfied with. Sort out any unresolved issues you may have before you move in together to help prevent tensions later on.
  • Health Issues: As time goes on, there is a risk of increased health issues. Although you cannot foresee everything, it is important to make considerations in the event of emergencies or sudden deteriorating health. Will you be able to take time off work to drive your parent(s) to appointments? Is there enough room to accommodate a caregiver if necessary?
  • Home Renovations: It may be necessary to make changes to your home to accommodate your parent’s needs. Some may be small – like installing handles in the bathrooms, or large – like creating ramps and installing stair lifts. Make a list of all the changes that will need to be made and assign a priority level to each task.

Starting Point – Useful Questions to Ask:

  1. What will the ‘house rules’ be? What level of authority and decision-making will each person have?
  2. How will expenses, monthly costs, responsibilities and housework be divided?
  3. How will space be allocated? Which areas will be shared and which will be private?

Having your parents living with you can be a life-changing experience. With the right considerations and planning, it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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