Between personal hygiene products, makeup and medicine, bathrooms can become cluttered so easily. While it may be something you can stand to deal with for a while, eventually there comes a point where even people who are not terribly fussy wish they had a bathroom that was a little more organized. Fortunately, reducing clutter in the bathroom and tidying up the space is something that anyone can do – you just have to know where to start.

Organizing Your Bathroom – Tips Anyone Can Use

1. Reduce the Clutter.

The key to any organization project around the home is to first minimize the amount of stuff you need to organize. The larger the room, the easier it is to accumulate lot of things that you no longer need. Smaller bathrooms can hold a surprising amount, though, so this step is worthwhile for any bathroom.

Go through everything in the bathroom and find everything that is expired, such as medicines and personal care products, and throw them out. (Medication return programs are often available to dispose of prescription medications safely.) You can also get rid of anything you do not use or need, especially bulky packaging.

2. Purchase Storage Options.

Storage and organization is a big industry now, which means you can find drawers, jars and other containers for just about anything – either online, or at a nearby store. Only you really know what options will work for you and your things. Once you have eliminated all the unnecessary things in your cabinets and drawers, take stock of what is left and the spaces available to you, and buy some different storage options to test out. Keep in mind – this part may take some experimentation. But give yourself some time and you will eventually hit upon the perfect options for your bathroom.

3. Take Advantage of Hanging Storage.

Bathrooms often have limited drawer and cabinet space, which means you may want to take advantage of the vertical space along walls and doors to organize your things. Over-door hooks are great for towels and hair dryers, while over the shower shelves are fantastic for your shower products. When choosing an organizer for your shower, consider one with a wire bottom – so you do not need to worry about mildew on the bottom of your shampoo and other bottles.

4. Use Drawer Organizers.

Drawers can quickly fill up with all manner of little items – hair bands, cotton swabs, etc. You can make your drawers more organized immediately by emptying them out and putting in a drawer organizer. You can even use a utensil organizer if you like. The main goal is to break up that big rectangular space into many smaller rectangles or squares. Immediately you will be able to place items in groups, and be able access everything more easily.

5. Add a Magazine Rack.

The back of the toilet tends to accumulate reading materials over time, but there are better ways to store your magazines and books. You can purchase a magazine holder that sits on the floor near the toilet, or you can get one that you install on the wall. Either way, the reading materials will be out of the way, yet still within reach.

6. Clean and Organize Regularly.

The bathroom can become a disaster area in a very short amount of time, particularly if there are multiple people using it. Getting in the habit of putting everything away – which will be easier when things have a place to go – and cleaning on a regular basis will keep the bathroom more organized.