Last year was a big for new types of technology for your home. Here are 7 amazing home innovations that truly make us believe that the future is here:

1. Appliances You Can Control Remotely

The newest home appliances are more technologically advanced than ever before. Appliances boast smart features that allow you to remotely control them via an app on your phone. New versions of slow cookers, coffee machines, and tea kettles are equipped to work with your home’s WiFi. You can schedule brew times, or have your kettle ready for you when you wake up. There are even smart ovens that allow you to control cook times and temperature via your phone with an app that lets you know how many calories you are consuming and how much your food weighs.

2. High-Tech Refrigerators

New refrigerators have touchscreen controls on their doors and built-in cameras. These smart fridges take photos of the inside of your fridge every time you close the door. With your phone, you have access to up to date photos while you grocery shop so you never forget what to buy. The new refrigerators not only have built-in cameras, but you can also scan the bar code of every item that goes into the fridge and receive a text when they are about to reach their “best before” date.

3. Ultra High-Definition Televisions

If you thought your television was already high definition, the new 4K TVs have four times the pixels. These TVs are becoming more affordable and more content providers are making their shows and movies available in 4K. If you are in the market for a new television, 4K could be the way to go!

4. Smart Plugs Allow You to Turn Things On and Off

Smart plugs, like iDevices, allow you to turn your plugged-in devices on and off. Using an app on your phone, you can control each smart plug individually. Say you are in bed and forgot to turn off the TV downstairs, or you left your house and realized you left your bedroom lamps on – you would be able to use your phone to turn the switches. These are also a great solution if you are away for a few days and want it to appear as though somebody is home. You can turn a couple of lamps on every few hours.

5. Voice-Activation Platforms

Apple HomeKit, Works with Nest and Google Home are just a few voice-activation platforms that allow you to control various devices in your home. Google Home, for example, allows you to use your voice to play music from multiple platforms, pick a show on Netflix to play on a particular TV, access your calendar, respond to questions about the weather or about anything else you would normally search on Google. These act as a central hub and allow you to control several connected devices and services.

6. Smart Laundry

LG has come out with a new LG Twin Wash System that lets you outfit a new or compatible LG washing machine with a mini washer just under the full-sized one. This is perfect for when you need to wash something separately or simply have a small load to do. If you are someone who puts the wash in and then forgets about their laundry, Samsung’s Smart Care line of washers and dryers allows you to monitor your laundry’s progress from anywhere. You can receive smartphone notifications when your laundry is finished and never forget another load again.

Do you have any of these devices in your home already? What new technologies are you looking forward to seeing?