What makes a million dollar home? Create luxury in even the smallest of spaces with these 9 tips:

  1. Make Your Bedrooms Hotel-Like. We all love the feeling of staying in a 5-star hotel! Recreate the hotel feeling in your own bedrooms by investing in high thread count sheets, lots of pillows and a down comforter. Outfit your bed with a plush headboard for ultimate comfort.
  2. Spa Bathrooms. Add as many spa-like upgrades as your budget can afford. Opt for rain shower heads, deep sinks, heated floors, glass shower doors and large mirrors.
  3. Make a Grand Entryway. When considering your own entryway, think about hotel lobbies. Keep the space as open as possible and guide visitors’ eyes to a certain niche or centerpiece that will lead them into the home and speak to the rest of the home’s style. Include a small elegant entryway table. If you want to step up the luxury, opt for a marble, glass or shiny lacquer table and a lavish decorative piece or fresh flowers.
  4. Invest in the Right Décor. Add elegance to any room with select furnishings and art. Search for one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring interest to your space. A budget-friendly option is to scour garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets for original paintings, vintage furnishings and unique artifacts (items that once cost hundreds of dollars can be found for considerably less).
  5. Focus on the Accents. Some of the smallest upgrades can improve the overall feel of a space. Updating door handles, cabinet and dresser knobs, faucets and light fixtures can improve the appearance of your space.
  6. Customizations. Consider installing built in storage systems, custom cabinetry, wine storage, built-in bookshelves, etc. These types of upgrades give your home an atmosphere of organization and tidiness, as well as optimizing the available space.
  7. Dedicate Spaces. Space in itself is a luxury – dedicating rooms to a particular activity or purpose will amp up the extravagance in your home. Designing a gym/yoga room, a home theatre, or a special gaming or play room is like creating condo/hotel amenities in your own home.
  8. Embrace Technology. Bring your home to the 21st century with smart thermostats and home alarm systems. Automated systems will update your home and steam line many of its functions.
  9. Give Your Home Some TLC. One of the most important things you can do for the overall look and feel of your home is to keep it well maintained and ensure it is clutter-free, tidy and organized. Do a thorough cleaning and take care of the “to-do” list – mow the lawn, polish the floors, apply fresh paint where necessary and fix anything that is broken.

Even if you do not have a 12,000 square foot home with marble floors – you can still appeal to luxurious tastes with some smart considerations. If you have any questions on getting your home ready for selling, or if you simply want some design advice – give me a call at 416-921-1112.