Is your home missing that je ne sais quoi? Are you looking for something small that will add character, but haven’t been able to find it in a home décor store? Sometimes the best additions to your living space are the ones you make yourself. Here are some guaranteed easy and gorgeous DIY projects that are foolproof:

1. Tablet / Recipe Book Stand: Do you like to cook or bake while following your favourite recipes? Some stands can be exorbitantly priced, but you can make one yourself using just a wooden cutting board and a Scrabble tile holder. of it using a hot glue gun or super glue – you have the perfect stand! Using a hot glue gun attach the tile holder at the bottom as a support for the tablet, then glue a triangular piece of wood to the back so you can prop it up and decorate it however you like. You might choose a simple finish with varnish or you might want to paint it with elaborate colours – the world is your oyster!

2. Artistic Storage: We are always looking for a place to stash your remote or other little bits and pieces that gather near the living room table. Avoid the clutter by taking an old VHS case (which most of us have still lying around) and screwing it into the wall. To match your décor, simply remove the old cover and print out whatever picture you like on nice paper then stick it in the flap – you can create a whole collage and turn your wall into a clever storage space!

3. Minimalist Wall Storage: Another way to store loose items is by nailing simple pieces of leather to the wall. You can use these loops to hang coats, magazines, mail – whatever fits! If you want to get extra creative make it big enough to hold a plank of wood and get two or three pieces of the leather to hold it up – now you have a minimalist, yet gorgeous, shelf!

4. Ombre Vases/Glassware: If you are tired of your current glassware or are just looking for a unique way to add colour to your home, this is a must try DIY. Go to a well-ventilated area and flip your glassware upside down. Spray paint the bottom and the base in whichever colour you like, moving in a circular fashion. The paint will naturally drip and speckle up the bottle giving it a super trendy faded look!

5. Extension Cord Disguise: We all have extension cords lying around our house taking away from our desired aesthetic. Cords can be beautified with washi tape, yarn, twine, leather, or beads. Wrap cords carefully with the material of your choosing. Pick colours and materials that match your space and your cords will become a little less of an eye sore and more a decorative element.

Crafts usually seem much more daunting than they actually are. The above ideas take almost no time at all, are composed of few magic ingredients and are really hard to mess up. So unleash the inner artist or inner designer in you and give them a try!