Planning a trip? Take a few minutes to consider these safety tips before you pack your bags:

  1. Get Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is important for travelers of any age. Having insurance puts your mind at ease and protects you from many unexpected medical expenses. Remember, not all insurance policies are created equal. Consider your needs – are you travelling for an extended period and rely on medications? You may want to look into special policies that cover prescriptions. Alternately, if you are bringing many medications with you, consider a similar policy in the event that they get lost or stolen.

  1. Watch What You Eat:

It can be easy to forget about our dietary restrictions when we travel. Remember that indulging might bring about unwanted side-effects that can take away from your travel experience. If you have a sensitive stomach, stay away from unfamiliar foods that might make you sick. Sticking with foods that you are used to will lessen the likelihood of falling ill. Depending on where you are travelling, avoid drinking the tap water.

  1. Keep Your Belongings Safe:

It is good to take extra precautions with valuable belongings. If you have a safe in your room, keep passports, money, electronics and any high-value items there. Do not put up the “clean my room” sign on your door – this lets people know that there is nobody in your room. Instead, call down to reception and let them know you would like your room cleaned. Place the security chain on your door when you are in your room for extra protection. Also, opt for a room that is near the elevator (heavy foot-traffic will deter thieves) and choose a room that is not on the ground floor (window/balcony entry might be possible). > Extra hotel tips

  1. Bring Along Your Common Sense:

Many of the potentially dangerous situations we encounter while travelling can be avoided with a little common sense. Problems are often encountered when we ignore warnings, or do things we are not supposed to. Consider your surroundings before you walk alone – especially at night, or enter neighbourhoods that may be deemed unsafe. Keep the flashy/expensive jewelry at home and attempt to keep valuables such as cameras, phones, and other electronics out of sight when walking around. When sitting down at a restaurant, keep belongings off the table and make sure your bags are secure, i.e. not hanging off your chair or sitting on the floor. Apart from that, just be alert and aware and do your research before you arrive in a new area.

Thinking about safety precautions may not be fun, but using a few of these tips can help ensure your trip goes smoothly. This can allow you to focus on all the amazing things you will see and do!

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