Elli Davis

Tips to Effortlessly Spruce up your Home in Minutes

We all want to have the beautiful home with a designer feel, but it can be difficult to focus and completely redecorate. Subtly improve the way your home looks with these quick and inexpensive tips:

Spruce up your coffee table

Creating a beautiful space has a lot to do with taking into consideration the things you already have and finding a way to revamp them. Use the power of three – three objects arranged in a cluster are pleasing to the eye and are automatically seen as an intentional display instead of a random grouping. Work with what is available– if you have beautiful books, do not leave them tucked away on high shelves – pile artsy books on a coffee table to add personality and colour to your space.

Make your shelves more displays, than storage units

Storage space is priceless-it may be tempting to fill shelves up in order to utilize the space. By spacing out your shelf and saving it for more decorative pieces, you not only create a sense of space, but you turn your shelf into a style statement. Play around with different items and arrangements, utilizing colour, texture, and themes matching the feel of your room. Here are some great shelf display ideas.

Make a statement or gallery wall

Fine art can get expensive – covering your wall with eclectic prints and artwork does not have to cost a pretty penny. Beautiful prints, photos, and art can be found everywhere. Whether you cut something out of a magazine or art book, enlarge one of your own photos, or print off something you find online – putting together a collection of art does not have to be hard. Frames do not have to be expensive either – peruse your local thrift stores or antique malls to find solid frames that might just need a quick clean or fresh coat of paint. Looking for something unique? Websites like Etsy.com allow you to support artists by paying to download a digital copy of their work. Simply bring the file on a USB stick into a print and copy center and get it printed to your specifications. Tips on creating a gallery wall.

5 Minute Decluttering

One of your rooms not looking quite right? Take a moment to see if anything is out of place. Sometimes clutter can work its way into a space without us realizing – a quick scan will tell you what needs to go. Get rid of anything that has become an eyesore; having surfaces as clear as possible will make your space more visually appealing. Have an office space or study that looks a little too messy? Create an organization system with different drawers and trays for urgent and non-urgent paperwork. Find a decorative cup to hold pens together and keep it clutter-free!

Change up your pillows

One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up a seating area is by mixing up your decorative pillows. Pillow shams are inexpensive and can be changed out seasonally. Take a look at what your seating area looks like now – can your space be improved with some textured cushions or pops of colour? Pairing vibrant pillows with luxe throws can make a boring sofa stand out. Do not leave out the bedroom either – if you like neutral bedding, prop up a few decorative pillows to add colour without going overboard. 


 Just add paint!

Painting a room (or just a single wall) can add so much in the way of colour, character, and style. A fresh coat of paint will not only brighten up a space but can make a room look cleaner and updated. If you are happy with your current wall colour but a bit bored with the space – try painting an accent wall. Here are tips for the perfect accent wall.

What quick fixes do you do in your home when you are looking for a change?