Fall Real Estate Market: Toronto 2018 | Elli Davis


The time of the year you think about participating in the real estate market can significantly sway how many listings you will find or compete with. Spring is undoubtedly the most popular time to buy or sell a property. Perhaps it is because people are itching to get out of hibernation that listings soar through the roof. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, in May 2016 there was an average of 94,746 sales. However, spring is not without its drawbacks. While spring may be a buyer’s market, there is also fierce competition as statistics show there are more buyers looking in spring than other seasons.

Fall real estate market trends show that following the summer lull where many families are away on vacation or enjoying the weather, there is a second wave of home buying activity. Many want to settle into a home before winter and while the school year is still fresh.

If you are selling your home in the fall, here are some important things you need to know about the fall real estate market.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal does not die with the summer months! Chrysanthemums bloom well into autumn and when paired next to marigolds you will have an autumnal wonderland in both the front and back yards of your home. Always keep on top of your raking and pruning, as well as trimming foliage that might prevent light coming into your home.


If your home has a fireplace, make sure to use it as a focal point to create a cozy and autumnal atmosphere. If your fireplace is wood-burning make sure it is cleaned thoroughly before the property is shown. Having a gas or a wood-burning fireplace burn during an open house or a viewing will make anyone feel at home in your property. A nice addition is to have some fresh logs and one or two autumnal decorative pieces for the mantle.

Pumpkin Spice

The fireplace will set a lovely ambiance of fall, but there are two more ways to tap into a homebuyer’s senses. The first is through their ears. Using a Bluetooth speaker, find a fall music playlist through any music-streaming service and have it softly playing in the background. Hearing about sweater weather can be very soothing when paired next to the fireplace and the autumnal garden outside. The next sense to tap into is taste. Get into your homebuyer’s heart through their stomach by baking pumpkin spice cupcakes or having some hot apple cider mulling on the stove. While generally any baked good will do, having that extra touch of the season will make any homebuyer want to stay.


When presenting your home to potential clients it is important to remember that there will not be as many hours of daylight. For afternoon viewings, ensure that all the lights are on in every corner of your home in addition to opening all the shutters, and pulling back any drapes and blinds. For those who do not have a fireplace in their home, turning on the tv to a video of a fireplace can both brighten the room and add that much-needed character. Where possible, consider adding some autumn accent colours. This could be an auburn or golden throw over a chair, or some decorative pumpkins in the kitchen.

The fall real estate market is a strong time to put your property up for sale. We hope these tips will make you feel ready to captivate any homebuyer that comes to look at your home!