Elli Davis


Words cannot express my deepest and sincere gratitude on your selling my home at 46 Castle Frank Road. After having it on the market for five months with another agent in a very hot market where listings lasted no more than two weeks, and after many showings (3 of which came back 3 times!) that agent could not close a sale and have a prospective purchaser put pen to paper. Furthermore, after interviewing many other agents, all with their own various philosophies of why we should wait to list (“It’s summer and a slow market”; “Wait until after the August long weekend”; “Wait until after Labour Day”) you, on the other hand, walked in, said “List it right now. There’s very little competition. Don’t waste time by waiting.” I knew immediately that you were the agent for me. We listed it right away, and much to my absolute amazement, you sold it within 2 weeks – and from an Open House, no less. In retrospect, you were right and the others were all wrong.

Elli, having bought and sold many, many homes in my life, you are by far, the best – no – the VERY best real estate agent in Toronto I’ve ever met.

You’re no nonsense, no hesitation, and you’re there for each and every aspect of the listing. You at no time would put your assistant on to me because my questions were too bothersome, or too small. You were always there for me personally. You never missed an opportunity to market the house, and you were always focused on selling this property. You never made me feels you were too busy for me with other, more expensive listings, even though you had them. You always made me feel that my listing was the most important one to you.
I’ve never written a letter like this Elli, but I felt compelled to do so because you really are fabulous, and deserve to know it. I would hire you again, and again, for any property I have or will have, and recommend you, and only you, to everyone I know. There’s no one better. Thank you again.