Elli Davis

Barbara, Mark and Mookie

“There are simple words to describe Elli Davis and her professional, client-centred team – You Are Great (three words). From the time we were first considering selling our home to become renters and have financial security from the proceeds of the still-in-the-future sale, I felt a sense of comfort and an easing of my worries right away on my first meeting with Elli.

She has since planned the strategy and explained all the pathways she was considering in her razor-sharp approach to doing her utmost to achieve the best results for her clients – us -and she did the rest from presentation to sale in a relaxed way which gave us complete confidence in her, and a great view of someone with a deserved reputation of being excellent, simply said and done.

Well, we rented the perfect duplex for ourselves and our dog Mookie and then called Elli to tell her we were now ready and off we went. Last Wednesday, the signs went in the ground, and then a sweeping positive time spent knowing many potential customers were going to be viewing our home. Yesterday, one week after being put up for sale, we signed the papers to change the sign to SOLD and the price was for way, way over the asking price.

From start to finish, we got through a potentially stressful event, with the team supporting us through this time, giving help and sharing their knowledge and steering us in all the right ways during the process. The happy ending seemed to me like a miracle come true, and I have to keep kicking myself to make sure this is all real. So, thank you Elli and bows all round to your team.”