Elli Davis

Pantone’s Design Predictions for 2018

Some trends are here to stay while others will disappear as fast as they came – decide how adventurous you want to be with Pantone’s interior and home trends for 2018:

Every year Pantone comes out with a Colour of The Year -the company has been forecasting colour trends for years. Now, the colour authority has branched off into design trends and have made their predictions for what features will be prominent in our homes next year.

1. Geometric Patterns. Paying homage to the trends of the 1960’s and ’70’s, geometric patterns are back. An approachable and easy-to-implement trend, geometry can be seen in backsplashes, wall paper, wall art and home furnishings. Go bold and have a patterned accent wall, or start off small with patterned pillows and framed prints. Introduce geometric patterns in your home with these ideas.

2. Typography. A trend that has been around for a few years now, typography is showing up on prints, pillows and throws, and is being incorporated in other furnishings, as well. Typography helps to complement a room’s theme and story and offers a personalized touch. Vintage signs, over-sized prints and patterned fabrics are a great way to integrate this trend. Typography inspiration.

3. Wood Treatments. Another nod to decades past, wooden furnishings and accents are seeing a comeback. With contemporary designs becoming more prominent (stainless steel, bright whites and sleek finishes), wooden pieces are being used to keep the look grounded. Earthy elements help to create balance and make a space feel warm and inviting. Incorporate this trend with wooden stools, large wooden bowls or even wood paneling! Here are a few concepts to check out.

4. Metallics. They have been popular in the past, but metallics are now taking on a more prominent role. No longer reserved for accent pieces; coffee tables, dining tables and large furnishings are receiving metallic makeovers. Metals can be used to offset softer elements in your space. A soft sofa and textured rug can be balanced out with an all-metal side table. If you do not want to get too bold, metallic elements in art and fabric can also add flair. Here are a few design options incorporating metallics.

5. Intense Colours. Pantone released a series of colour palettes for home and interiors for 2018. One notable palette, TECH-nique, includes intense colours that are meant to reflect our intense lifestyles and thought processes. TECH-nique pays homage to technology; colours include bright blue, green, fuchsia, and purple, complemented by iridescent turquoise, hot pink, white and frosted almond tones. These bold hues are expected to show up in the form of wall colour, furnishings and accent pieces.

Some design trends may seem more intimidating than others, try them out by incorporating them in small doses – you never know what you may like!