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I sponsored a fashion show this week. It was a very exciting evening for both myself and my guests. We were fortunate enough that Deirdre Kelly was there. Here’s what Deirdre wrote about the evening.

You’ve heard of model homes. Now make room for runway real estate. Elli Davis, a leading Toronto broker, helped sponsor a catwalk show on Tuesday night. Local designer Lucian Matis, a Project Runway runner-up, presented a solid show of jaw-dropping gowns that sparkled like the flashy big-ticket condos now beading the city skyline. While the clothing whispered glamour, their association with Ms. Davis loudly declared that where you live, darling, is as important as what you wear.

The pairing of beauty and property isn’t entirely new. In New York, it’s not uncommon to find models in Manolos and Gucci showing condos to prospective buyers, the idea being that their good looks and superior sense of style will impart the feeling that buying expensive real estate is a lifestyle experience, as memorable as buying a Birkin bag. In Ms. Davis’s case, the aim was brand promotion – her own and that of the abundantly talented Mr. Matis: “I wanted my name out there with his.”

Thankful for her support, Mr. Matis custom-made Ms. Davis a black silk-and-chiffon cocktail dress to wear to his L’Oreal Fashion Week fall-line debut. “I felt great in it, and got a lot of compliments,” she said. Houses and clothes: It’s all about the right fit.

By Deirdre Kelly
Taken from the Globe and Mail, March 22, 2008

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