Summer is here and that means HOT days ahead! Keeping your home cool while saving money on energy can be hard. Here are a few ways to ditch the A/C and keep the heat down in your home this summer:

  • Keep Heat Down by Cooking Outside. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh air and your outdoor spaces, you also save money on electricity and keep your home cool by eliminating extra heat from kitchen appliances. Having the oven on at 350 degrees and using the stove-top can quickly heat up the space.
  • Keep the Sun Out. Closing blinds and curtains helps keep your home cool. Highly reflective blinds can reduce heat by 45 per cent, while curtains with a white back reduce heat by 33 per cent!
  • Allow as Much Air Circulation as Possible. Utilize ceiling fans and portable fans to keep cool air circulating. Turn your furnace fan on to help with airflow.
  • Tailor Your Outdoor Space to Optimize Shade. Plant trees and greenery to help shield windows from the sun.
  • Prevent Unwanted Heat from Appliances and Electronics. Avoid leaving lights on and electronics such as TVs, computers etc. turned on. Most appliances/electronics give off heat – turning them off after usage will help keep your space cool. Do you have mini fridges plugged in that you are not using? Those are culprits for giving off heat!
  • Purchase Good Bed Sheets. Using all-cotton, natural breathable sheets will do wonders for you. There is nothing worse than being in a sticky humid room and having your sheets stick to you.
  • Cool Your Sheets. If you have trouble falling asleep in the heat, put your pillowcase and sheets in a bag and throw it in the fridge or deep freeze and take it out before you sleep. The cold will not last long but it might be just enough relief to help you fall asleep.
  • Hydrate Yourself. How cool you feel in your home comes right down to your health as well- hydrate to keep from getting overheated and uncomfortable. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

When You Do Use Your Air Conditioner, Make the Most of It:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed. Any small opening can be a huge energy-drainer, allowing cold air to escape and hot air to come in.
  • Make sure to change A/C filters every few weeks during times with heavy usage for optimal performance.
  • Turn the A/C off at night and open up all the windows. Most Canadian nights are on the slightly cooler side – the fresh air will feel good circulating through your home. Close everything in the morning when the sun comes up, and turn the A/C back on.

 Do you have any tips for staying cool in the summer? Let me know.