Everyone has their everyday household items that they cannot live without, but did you know that some of these regularly used items actually have some pretty extraordinary uses? The following are 5 items you have at home that go above and beyond their duties and work overtime with these alternative uses:

Item 1: Coffee Grounds

We know that coffee is already pretty useful to get one’s day started…but did you know that coffee actually has many other uses? Coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer, in compost, as fridge odor-neutralizers, and can even help get rid of ants. Here is a list of alternative uses for coffee with more information.

Item 2: Glass Baking Dish

Reading out of a cookbook while cooking can be difficult. Not only do the pages keep flipping so you lose your spot, the pages are also bound to get dirty from sticky fingers or food splattering on them. The solution? Grab a glass baking dish and place it over the book – instant protection and your book will now lay flat so the pages will not turn!

Item 3: Olive Oil

Olive oil is great in salad dressings and as a cooking oil, but did you know that it is also good for your skin? Olive oil can be used to remove makeup, in place of shaving cream or as a moisturizer. It is also great for polishing stainless steel, furniture or shoes and even as a throat-soother. Take that olive oil out of the pantry more often and discover some of its alternative uses!

Item 4: Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is used for cooking/storing food, but this versatile household product has several uses outside of the kitchen. Roll up aluminum foil into a ball and throw it in the dryer as an alternative to dryer sheets. You can also use the foil as a scrubber – roll foil into a ball to scrub stuck-on messes. Have some tarnished silverware? Remove oxidation residue by placing foil in a shallow pan and pouring in some hot water with a dash of salt and baking soda. Place your silverware in the pan, ensuring each piece is touching the aluminum foil and: voila – silverware is as good as new!

Item 5: Drinking Straws

They are not just for your drinks – drinking straws make great cable organizers (use different color straws and slice them down the middle and attach to cables with a label) or use them to remove air and vacuum-seal food in freezer bags. Straws can also be used to prop up flowers with weak stems. Have kids? Colorful straws make a great addition to the arts and crafts bins.

Do you have any household items that you have discovered alternative uses for? Let me know!